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A few tips for a great birdwatching trip to Costa Rica

It is time to grow your lifer and have a good list of birds of Costa Rica.

Take your time, and prepare yourself for excellent Costa Rica Birding Tours.

Birdwatching in Costa Rica became very popular over the last few years. This is because Costa Rica is an easy country to explore. As it is a small country, in a few hours you will change landscapes and so will the list of birds of Costa Rica. In just a few weeks you can grow your list of birds of Costa Rica from zero to hundreds.

At the time you are preparing a birdwatching trip to Costa Rica, choose carefully based on your interest. And also, and this is my opinion, try not to cover too many areas, or too many birding destinations, but focus on birdwatching hotspots for a few days. Always keep in mind that this is wildlife, not a zoo.

Another important tip, get a Costa Rica birding guide. If you are not interested in a Costa Rica birdwatching guide full time, and you are birding in Costa Rica on your own, try to find a local birding guide for every birding hotspot in Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica Birding Tours, how to plan your vacations

When it is time to plan your birding trip in Costa Rica, a list of birds of Costa Rica is a great start.

You can use the site, and look at where these birds are, and which areas are the most important.

I prefer to spend at least 2 nights in one place. Also, I like to explore the same place a couple of times, during different moments of the day. This increases my chances to spot more birds in a specific place.

Birds of Costa Rica. A long list for a small Country

As you can see on a map, Costa Rica is a very small country. But the richness of the environment makes this the home of more than 900 birds.

What is your target for birds of Costa Rica?

If you enjoy seeing any kind of bird, you can have a great time at any moment of the year.

If you are planning your birdwatching trip to Costa Rica for specific birds, my best advice is for you to ask a Costa Rica birding guide about them. During the year, and because of the change of weather, a few birds tend to change their behavior.

Birds of Costa Rica. Where and when

This is just a short blog because dipping into real birds of Costa Rica’s list and where to plan your birding trip will be a long long book.

But, in very short terms here is a general idea of what kind of birds of Costa Rica you can expect according to a few birding hotspot destinations.

For more detailed information, feel free to contact us.

Costa Rica birding map, Costa Rica Birding Tours

Birding at Kekoldi Private Reserve.

The period March / April and October / November is one of the best areas of the country for watching the raptor migration. Depending on the season. our target could be:

Costa Rica is a top birdwatching destination in the world, with over 850 bird species, making it the most diverse country in Central America in terms of avian diversity

The National Wildlife Refuge Caño Negro is the most significant wetland in Costa Rica, located in the northern plane.

What can I do in the National Refuge of Caño Negro?

Caño Negro is a major birding hotspot, a fantastic place for nature photographers, and a distinguished place for that person who likes visiting a place with a lot of nature, but outside the conventional tourist destination.

Birding in Monteverde:

Monteverde – Curicancha Private Reserve – San Luis at Finca Paraiso

Monteverde is always an interesting destination because you have a few birding hotspots in one place. Depending on the season, it can be a crowdy destination. Instead, it would be best if you visited San Gerardo de Dota.

Looking for a 10 days birding trip in Costa Rica?

We have this cover!  And major birding hotspots are included, such as Arenal Volcano, Monteverde, Caño Negro Refuge, and Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí.

Birding in San Gerardo de Dota

The resplendent Quetzal and the Long-tailed Flycatcher

A few birds that could be on our target list will be:

Birdwatching destination in Costa Rica

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